pH Factor 5.5 Collagen Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Beautiful, glowing skin may be more attainable than you think with this facial serum from PH Factor 5.5. Dermatologist agree that healthy skin has an ideal PH Balance of 5.5. If you damage this natural balance, skin conditions such as dryness and premature wrinkles may occur. PH Factor promotes a smooth, firm, healthy-looking complexion by creating a healthy PH 5.5 environment for your skin. That PH balance combined with these potent anti-aging ingredients and natural ingredients helps with all sign of aging. This collagen eye serum can be used with face masks and other great skin care products.

* Collagen face serum helps with dark spots, age spots, and skin discoloration while also hydrating your skin.
* Plumping serum helps with fine lines, deep wrinkles, and rough spots. For best-results, use this moisturizing face serum after cleanser and prior to using your facial moisturizer.
* Hyaluronic Acid serum also contains Aloe Vera and rare Hawaiian Extracts to help provide immediate hydration to your skin.
* This face serum with collagen is great on all skin types- dry skin, oily skin, and even sensitive skin.
* Manufactured in the USA. Not tested on animals. Mineral oil free, no drying alcohols.